ZELL CHEMIE, with more than 30 years of experience in the market, is a product reference brand in the Plant Health (herbicides, fungicides and insecticides), Public Health and Vector Control sectors.

In a world so small, competitive and changing, only the solvency of a product with widely proven quality and effectiveness, along with the services of a competitive company, makes it remain in the market.

ZELL CHEMIE products are tested daily, always showing a safe and efficient behavior.

Our agrochemical product range provide farmers with solutions that help them to obtain healthier and more cost-effective crops.

We reach to public institutions and homes with integrated pest management products which are healthier, environmentally-friendly and non-toxic for people.


Innovation and Development are understood as a working philosophy, intending to maintain constant search for alternatives to optimize resources and define processes.

Our efforts are focused on market innovation, developing new products which provide better performance and achieve a revolutionary solution in pest control.

We always care about the chain value of our products with the aim of improving productivity and crop quality.

Quality Control

Quality is one of the basic pillars of the products under the ZELL CHEMIE brand, which implies commitment of all professionals involved in the success of our products.

Our Technical and New Development Department, located in Switzerland, is in charge of designing and implementing quality control policies in every process.


We supply ZELL CHEMIE products convinced that we are contributing to have a better fed population, with its own natural resources, and helping people to live in healthier environments.

The objective is to participate in the development while improving awareness of our footprint in the world and caring about each and every process, which leads us to optimize resources and monitor their impact on the environment.

Constant Innovation

The constant search for alternatives is our philosophy


We are able to establish a quality control system from Switzerland, in a very strict environment on quality standard compliance.

Providers, production, traceability, commercial network, third parties and after-sales service are all involved in a working system based on constant improvement.

This has allowed us obtain high-quality and homogenous products and services, regardless of the place where productive action or service is taking place.