Phytosanitary Registration

Expert professionals in registration

We have expert professionals in the registration of chemical formulated pesticides, technical grade active ingredients, domestic and professional use pesticides, related substances, microbiological pesticides, veterinary medications and products used in animal feeding.

The Registration Department is in charge of obtaining our product access to the market, guaranteeing their efficacy and efficiency in pest control to which it is recommended. It also certifies that they will not cause undesirable toxic effects and human health and environment will not be at risk.

Knowledge of existing legislation in every country is of paramount importance to determine the tests and investigations to be carried out with the active ingredient. In a registration dossier, the investigation results are recorded, which will be assessed by the regulatory authority in each country so as to obtain product registration.

Our Registration Department is perfectly aware of all existing regulations and legislations, with the aim of minimizing the impact of legal variations in product trade.

We keep a fluent and constructive communication with the authorities in every country: Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Public Health, Veterinary Board, as well as the Registration Department representatives in every entity, regents, trade and legal representatives.

Our vast experience in plant-protection product registration allows us to make this service available to customers so that commercially interesting molecules may be registered.